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[heading text=”Even at an early age, I knew my calling was in design. Small sketches of bridges of people blossomed into something bigger. ” tag=”p” align=”left” class=”margin-top-0 font-bold”]

While the rest of the world spent their days playing sports and joining afterschool teams, I always had a passion for art. The ability to create entire worlds and unique characters has always been a dream of mine. That dream grew further through high school and college as pen and paper were replaced with computers and styluses. Now with modern programs and new tools brought upon by the digital age, it’s only more important than ever to ensure the artistic craft survives by creating the world that exists only in our minds.

  •  Began drawing buildings and people in elementary school
  •  Took on more complex work in high school with a focus in engineering
  •  Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  •  Proficient with Adobe Photoshop for over ten years
  •  Trained in Illustrator and Web Design
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When Sheena Ingraham contacted JCDesign to create a new look for her website, it was a monumental task to rebuild it to a fresh and modern look. Her former site was cumbersome and not entirely user-friendly until measures were taken to ensure a smooth flow of information while showing off new content to grow her business.


Fresh design doesn’t happen overnight, and neither has the brilliant ideas Jeremy has set forth to providing world-class service with selling photo booth equipment and website services to his clients. The site is sleek without being overly flashy as an online shop assists customers with key information that brings in thousands each week.


An upstart business presents numerous challenges to those who are unprepared, most notably a solid online presence. When creating the Selfie Junkie website, images were provided to better show potential clients exactly the sort of great times they will expect with wacky props and superb customer service. With an online gallery and pricing charts added, Maribel has been receiving nonstop business thanks to JCDesign.

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