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Let Your Imagination Roam Free

Life is not about limiting yourself. It's about exploring new places and fresh ideas. It's about creating something that will outlast. Don't limit your vision. Aim high. Reach new boundaries and surpass them. Let JC Design show you just how far you can go.

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Ready For Anything

Creativity Should Never Be Silenced

When you embark on your journey to see your ideas come to life, there are no shortcuts taken. Nothing is sacrificed to make your vision a reality. From logo designs to graphic art. Graphic art to web content and creation. If you can envision it, chances are I can create it.

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Creating comprehensive websites with SEO-friendly designs that are fast to load, easy on the eyes, and easy on your pockets. Hosting can also be provided to your new site for ease-of-mind and constant updates.


[ibb icon=”picture-o” title=”Graphic Design” style=”style1″]

Whether it be a new logo, a Facebook cover banner, posters, flyers, or anything else that needs to be made creatively, JCDesign excels in the field. Your logos can then be applied to flags, websites, or anything else you want.


[ibb icon=”pencil” title=”Image Design” style=”style1″]

In addition to graphic design, JCDesign also specializes in bringing your sketches and drawings to live. With over fifteen years using Photoshop and even more drawing countless pictures, your ideas will pop with originality.


[ibb icon=”cog” title=”Fully Customized” style=”style2″]

Each graphic element is tailored to what you’re looking for, with further edits to ensure it’s exactly what you want.

[/ibb][ibb icon=”picture-o” title=”High-Quality Files” style=”style2″]

Once you’ve agreed on a finished graphic design, high-resolution files are provided to you to use for flyers, logos, shirts, or whatever else you fancy.


[ibb icon=”book” title=”Package Options” style=”style2″]

Add more now or at a later time. Mix-and-match logos, web elements, and more whenever you’re ready.

[/ibb][ibb icon=”clock-o” title=”Time-Conscious” style=”style2″]

We all have deadlines. That’s why with JC Design, projects are fulfilled in a timely manner. Updates are provided by your request.


[ibb icon=”money” title=”Priced For You” style=”style2″]

You won’t find any overpriced products or services with JC Design. Costs are kept low so you can spend more money on what matters.

[/ibb][ibb icon=”users” title=”Customer Satisfaction” style=”style2″]

Your satisfaction is ultimately the most important thing. While everyone has their own expectations, the goal is to ensure you keep in contact for future projects.


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These are just some of the projects done, with many more found within the “Portfolio” link in the menu above.

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[skills title=”Design & Implementation” percent=”90″]
[skills title=”Content Creation” percent=”85″]
[skills title=”Website Creation” percent=”80″]
[skills title=”Digital Expertise” percent=”95″]

[heading text=”SKILLS” tag=”h3″ align=”left”]

In addition to everything you’ve read thus far, these addition services are available as separate add-ons and included with each website as needed.

  •  Adobe Photoshop
  •  Adobe Illustrator
  •  Traditional Drawing
  •  Creative Writing
  •  SEO Optimization
  •  AdWords Services
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